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What specific services do we provide?

We specialize in mentoring women throughout the entire childbearing year. Our services fall into three categories - Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Breastfeeding. All are included in our basic service.

Pregnancy/ Pre-natal Period

bullet24 hours a day on call emotional and educational support during entire pregnancy
bulletDevelopment of individualized birth plan
bullet3 pre-natal visits with unlimited e-mail and telephone contact
bullet1 visit with you and your health care provider to clarify your goals and wishes
bulletTrained to help women though bed rest, hypertension, diabetes or other complications in pregnancy
bulletRecommendations (herbal and non-herbal) for easing discomforts of pregnancy (nausea, swelling etc.)
bulletExtensive education (latest medical journals)  on topics you have questions about

Labor and Delivery

*We never leave your side (unless you want us to)! Your comfort is our top priority and tending to your emotional and physical needs is our primary responsibility! Wherever you choose to give birth, we will advocate for your goals and desires, both with the medical staff and with family members. We will do everything in our power to help you fulfill your vision of a great birth experience!

bulletLabor support/ coaching from onset of labor to several hours after birth, Our goal is to be a consistent (we don't leave!) support in the midst of changing nurses and exhausted family members
bulletInitial labor support at your home in early labor until it is time to go to the hospital or birth center
bulletHelp deciphering "Am I really in labor?"
bulletHelp with breathing techniques for labor
bulletPositioning during labor to help with comfort and efficiency of contractions
bulletProvide relaxing music to labor by
bulletCompetent in interpreting fetal monitoring strip
bulletTrained to support laboring women in the home, hospital or birth center
bulletTrained to understand and explain needed medical interventions
bulletComplimentary photos of your birth experience
bulletTrained in alternative therapies (massage, aromatherapy, birth ball, positioning)
bulletTrained to help women achieve Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

bullet24 hours a day on call breastfeeding and postpartum support
bulletHelp with baby's first feeding
bulletRecommendations for relief of engorgement and other common breastfeeding discomforts (thrush, plugged ducts, mastitis)
bulletRecommendations for flat or inverted nipples
bullet1 postpartum visit
bulletUnlimited e-mail and telephone contact during postpartum period
bulletHelp with postpartum depression
bulletHelp with questions about care of your newborn and yourself after delivery
bulletHelp with perineal care

**Pricing varies, so call or e-mail today for your free consultation!