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Why hire Labor Support?                                                                                                                                                     

What specific services do we provide?

If I hire a CPSS/ doula, then what role does my husband/ labor partner play?

Is it really worth the money?

How is a CPSS different than a doula?

What are the chances of you missing my birth?


Many studies have shown that the presence of female labor support has incredible benefits!

Research from The Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that the presence of female labor support includes the following obstetrical outcomes:

Cesarean Sections: Down 50%

Length of Labor: Down 25%

Oxytocin Use: Down 40%

Forceps: Down 30%

Epidurals: Down 60%


Research from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (May 1999) reports that the continuous presence of female labor support has the following obstetrical outcomes:

Duration of Labor: 1.64 hours less

Need for any analgesia: 36% less

Need for oxytocin : 71% less

Need for use of Forceps: 57% less

Need for Cesarean Section: 51% less

Penny Simkin, renowned childbirth educator, speaker and author of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn, has said the following about professional female labor support:

    "Doulas are the most positive innovation I've seen. And that's because they fit in anywhere: at home, at the hospital, at birth centers. Doulas appeal to many women and their partners -- the idea of having someone there just for them, who has no other obligations, no shift changes -- even fathers who want to play the primary support role are relieved to know there's going to be someone there reminding them and helping out and giving them a break if necessary and offering perspective. The doula is the most significant change that's taking place on in the direction of woman-centered childbirth."

For more basic information about the benefits of labor support, click on the links below:             

Studies on labor support


Interview with Penny Simkin, an international childbirth education expert


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We specialize in mentoring women throughout the entire childbearing year. Our services fall into three categories - Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum and Breastfeeding. All are included in our basic service.

Pregnancy/ Pre-natal Period

  • 24 hours a day on call emotional and educational support during entire pregnancy
  • Development of individualized birth plan
  • 3 pre-natal visits with unlimited e-mail and telephone contact
  • 1 visit with you and your health care provider to clarify your goals and wishes
  • Trained to help women though bed rest, hypertension, diabetes or other complications in pregnancy
  • Recommendations (herbal and non-herbal) for easing discomforts of pregnancy (nausea, swelling etc.)
  • Extensive education (latest medical journals)  on topics you have questions about

Labor and Delivery

*We never leave your side (unless you want us to)! Your comfort is our top priority and tending to your emotional and physical needs is our primary responsibility! Wherever you choose to give birth, we will advocate for your goals and desires, both with the medical staff and with family members. We will do everything in our power to help you fulfill your vision of a great birth experience!

  • Labor support/ coaching from onset of labor to several hours after birth, Our goal is to be a consistent (we don't leave!) support in the midst of changing nurses and exhausted family members
  • Initial labor support at your home in early labor until it is time to go to the hospital or birth center
  • Help deciphering "Am I really in labor?"
  • Help with breathing techniques for labor
  • Positioning during labor to help with comfort and efficiency of contractions
  • Provide relaxing music to labor by
  • Competent in interpreting fetal monitoring strip
  • Trained to support laboring women in the home, hospital or birth center
  • Trained to understand and explain needed medical interventions
  • Complimentary photos of your birth experience
  • Trained in alternative therapies (massage, aromatherapy, birth ball, positioning)
  • Trained to help women achieve Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

  • 24 hours a day on call breastfeeding and postpartum support
  • Help with baby's first feeding
  • Recommendations for relief of engorgement and other common breastfeeding discomforts (thrush, plugged ducts, mastitis)
  • Recommendations for flat or inverted nipples
  • 1 postpartum visit
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone contact during postpartum period
  • Help with postpartum depression
  • Help with questions about care of your newborn and yourself after delivery
  • Help with perineal care
  • Free posting of photos on our web site for family and friends to view
  • Phone consultation with licensed Marriage and Family Therapist to help with transition and/ or postpartum depression

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If I Hire you then what role does my husband/ labor partner play?

Husbands/ labor partners are an essential part of the birthing experience. The father/partner specifically benefits from the presence of a CPSS because he is relieved of the expectation of mastering labor support with no prior experience. The father is able to love and support the laboring woman without the tremendous pressure to “get her through.” This pressure often creates unnecessary tension between the laboring couple which can taint the memories of the birth. With the presence of a CPSS, he is free to prepare himself emotionally to meet his new baby and the couple can remember the birth of their child as one of the most amazing days of their lives. The father/ partner looks to the CPSS to answer questions about the childbearing process that he/she does not know the answers to. See http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/dmyths.html

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Is it really worth the money?

The presence of CPSS drastically reduces the amount of medical interventions needed during the labor and delivery process. Because we will be actively supporting you, positioning you and encouraging you, your chances of having a Cesarean section, an extremely costly medical procedure, are reduced significantly (see statistics above). The presence of female labor support will help you feel empowered by your birth experience, a feeling you will carry with you into parenting. Most women who have utilized the services of a doula/ CPSS report that their birth experience was tremendously enhanced, therefore making it an incredibly valuable investment. Please call us or e-mail to find out the current fee schedule. We bill your insurance at no additional charge and, because we strongly believe that every woman deserves labor support, are willing to work out an individualized payment plan. We occasionally work on a sliding scale depending on each individual's unique circumstances. 

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How is a CPSS different than a doula?

At Dream Deliveries, we have traditional doula service, as well as the services of a Certified Perinatal Support Specialist. The CPSS takes the role of a doula and expands upon it. Doulas offer primarily emotional support. The CPSS is trained to emotionally support the laboring woman but has a much broader and more thorough understanding of the technical processes and concerns that the medical staff will be implementing in case a complication arises. CPSS’s are trained with graduate level nursing textbooks and by nurses with impeccable reputations. The medical knowledge of the CPSS is not intended to rival that of the attending midwife or doctor. Rather, it is to provide an educated voice to the laboring woman so that all possible alternatives to invasive medical procedures can be explored. The CPSS advocates for the desires of the laboring woman as discussed and represented in her birth plan.  Should a complication arise, the CPSS has the medical knowledge to collaborate with the doctor or midwife in preparing the woman and explaining to her the situation at hand.

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What are the chances of you missing my birth?

Very slim! We purposely take on only a few clients per month so that we can be sure to attend your birth! If an emergency does arise, we provide back up doulas.



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