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Best Birth Childbirth Preparation Classes


Women know how to give birth. This innate knowledge is inside every woman just waiting to be rediscovered. The Best Birth Childbirth Preparation Classes teach practical mind/body techniques couples can use to make labor more comfortable and productive. This program is designed to meet each woman’s individual needs by integrating both holistic as well as medical approaches to labor and birth.

Class One: Class Two:
Developing trust in birth
Your desires for your birth
Overview of labor and birth
Optimal fetal positioning
How labor can begin
Early labor
Active labor & transition
Professional Labor Support
Obstetrical interventions
Medications & pain relief
Coping strategies
Cesarean birth
Class Three: Class Four:
Planning for your birth
Pushing Techniques
Third stage labor
Skin to skin; the first hour
Packing for your birth
Newborn appearance & behavior
Postpartum recovery
Postpartum adjustment
*Wednesday Evenings 7:00 -9:00pm
$150 (incl. a copy of The Best Birth Book)

*Small Group or Private Classes
*Childbirth Refresher Class
*VBAC Preparation
*Please Email or Call for Schedule

Instructor: Jody Jenson, CPSS, CCE
(949) 500-0402